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About Technical Intern Training Program (TITP)

Navis is the only One Japanese Language Training Center in India approved by JITCO (Japan International Training Co - Operation Organisation) under TITP to send Resources to Japan. The Technical Intern Training Program ( 技能実習制度 GinouJisshuuSeido ) is a work training program providing employment opportunities for foreign nationals in Japan. Administered by the Japan International Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO) its stated purpose is to provide training, technical skills and technology experience for workers from developing economies. The government-run internship program was first established in 1993.

There is a need to provide training in technical skills, technology, knowledge from developed countries (hereinafter, referred to as "Skills") in order to train personnel who will become the foundation of economic and industrial development in developing countries. In an effort to address this situation, the Japanese government has created the "Technical Intern Training Program", an initiative that provides training for a specific period in industrial society to both youth and adult workers from all countries. The purpose of this program is to transfer Skills to Technical Intern Trainees who will form a basis of economic development in their respective countries and play an important role in Japan's international cooperation and contribution.

The "Technical Intern Training Program" has the following benefits.

1.Technical Intern Trainees will advance their careers and contribute to the development of industries and companies through the utilization of their acquired skills after returning to their home countries.

2.Technical Intern Trainees will contribute to the reform of quality management, work practices, cost awareness, etc., and to the improvement of production in their home countries through the utilization of their acquired skills and know-how.

3.The program will benefit Japanese Implementing Organizations, etc., through the strengthening of relationships with overseas companies, the internationalization of management, vitalization of the company and contribution to production.

1. Capability
Navis is a 16 Years Company in Corporate Japanese Language Training and Japanese Business Etiquette to Interns, Employees and Students in all the five levels of JLPT N5, N4, N3, N2 and N1. Navis being the Pioneers in Japanese Language Training, will be the Right Fit to meet the Vision of the Indian Government to Skill Up 3 Lakh Young Youth by Sending them as Interns to Japan for 3 To 5 Years and then on Return will be a Valuable Skilled Resource for the Growth of India.
2. Potential connects with Japanese Supervising Organizations and Implementing Organizations.

a. Navis India has a 100% Subsidiary Navis Japan in Nagoya the Center of Japan which is equipped with Marketing and Sales team which can directly

b. Navis Group has 75% Japanese Native Staff So Communicating with Supervising Organization, Implementing Organization, JITCO, OTIT, and Immigration Bureau will be easy as we will not be having the Japanese Language Problem.

c. Navis, currently has huge requirements from 2 major implementing Organization for Caregiver position for around 1000 candidates.

d. Navis India and Navis Japan has Created Separate Departments of TITP to focus and work closely with the Implementation Organization.